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DS Know’s How to Make Friends


On the Passing of a Dog with Better SAT Scores than me…


Blue Always Knew What Was Next

So, because I spent literally dollars to get this cool domain name, I get the first essay. This idea existed in various forms. It was sent to friends and family who lost their four legged friends. When Blue died I made some final changes and it is his.

“We sign, well we don’t actually sign but it is implicit, a contract when we bring a dog onto our lives. The dog promise to be our companion, to get us off our butts and out into the world for walks. We promise to make them our friends. Because they are such good listeners, we consult with them when the world is not the way it should be. We try and feed them just enough and not too much. Occasionally they get treats. Truly they ask for very little though at times it can seem that they do.

But there is, at the end of the contract, in very small print, an agreement. We will be good to them and they to us but, even though they don’t know it and we surely do, it is very likely that these wonderful hounds will need our help as they age and will die before we do.

This is the joy of being a dog and the pain of being human. Every day is new for a dog. We keep track.

As sad as it can be to lose a friend that never disagrees with my whacky ideas or cares if we do the long walk or the shorter one… I’d sign the contract again tomorrow. Well, not tomorrow I’ve got other stuff to do, but the day after.”