Zach Streaks By

Zach Streaks By


LPDogs is a simple idea. It’s not a meeting place or a place that one would go for real information. That would make it far to organized. It’s a place where dogs have their day. A gallery of still photographs (that’s mine of Zach behind this text), video, semi-random thoughts, essays and, as always, things I can’t imagine will be here.

The Internet knows so very much about us that I think the Humans that take care of these hounds should stay anonymous. The dogs, well, they have names and the Internet cares far less – feel free to use them.

Submissions will need to come through me. Drop a comment here (they are moderated so your information will not be displayed) or ask me for my email address next time we meet and I’ll send a link to my dropbox account. If you’ve authored the Great American Dog Novel or a 2 hour dogudrama I’ll find room. I’ll do my very best to get things posted in a a timely manner. Please keep everything family friendly.

And; because it’s 2014 there is a twitter account: @_lpdogs (begins with an underscore)