Two Totally Random Children That Are in No Way Associated With Butters

You may have seen it in the tabloids, possibly not… Butters and her entourage were spotted by the paparazzi on a top secret beach (somewhere near San Francisco just off Lincoln Blvd in the Presidio area 94129) on a cold new year’s day.


Butters Shakes

 Careful observers will notice Butters is sporting the latest winter fashions (Ed: Blonde after Labor Day?) and continues to set the trend for appropriate collar accessories to compliment that wet, malodorous yet glorious blonde fur.


Butters Shakes Near A Large, Golden Bridge


Butters Plays With Strangers

 In typical Butters style water play was on the agenda for the star struck dog, begging the question; doe’s she ever get cold? Other activities included live angry crab interactions, live angry fisherman with lines in the water interactions, peculiar birthday suit sporting beach goer interactions (in January) which begs the question ‘do they ever get cold’?


The End of the First Day of the New Year

 After consuming much salt water (and several occasional pauses to expel that salt water) she settled down for a nice sunset in anticipation of finding another questionably eatable beach object.

Recently 20/20’s Dogra Walters caught up with Butters to ask about her recent beach expedition and other important life questions.

Dogra: Witnesses say you arrived and left the beach in an American made pickup truck, are the rumors of you eating your fortune true?

Butters: (Laughs) No no, of course not. I accidentally chewed through the tires on the Ferrari, and the Maserati… and sort of gnawed through the steering wheel on the Bentley. The truck was available so…

Dogra: If you could be beautiful and not so smart, or brilliant and not so beautiful, what would you be and why?

Butters: I feel everyone should be like me… beautiful, it’s not that important to be smart anyway. All you really need to know is everything is eatable.

Dogra: Should the United States have universal healthcare as a right of citizenship?

Butters: I don’t feel healthcare is that important, if you eat something bad it eventually comes out and you can try eating it again if you like.

Dogra: Why do you think one-fifth of Americans can’t locate the United States on a map?

Butters: I ate a map once.

Dogra: If you had a choice, would you create world peace or end world hunger?

Butters: I don’t understand world hunger, there are so many things to eat and I’m totally peaceful so… neither.